Tickets & prices


Ticket Adults Children
4-16 y.
waiting time Panorama
+ Bar
table reservation in the
restaurant "Sphere"
day sales
13.00 € 8.50 €
at desk
show current Info incl. Please check local*
VIP Info
23.00 € 15.00 €
without incl. including a table by the window*
Fast View Info
19.50 € 12.00 €
without incl.

Please check local*

Early Bird Info
(9.00 a.m.)
13.00 € 8.50 €
without incl. Please check local*
Late Night Info
(9.30-11 p.m.)
13.00 € 8.50 €
without incl. Please check local*
Groups Info
(min. 20 p.)
contact us
without incl. on request

Children under 4 years admitted free.
We would ask visitors who have reduced mobility to observe the advice in our safety information.

* subject to availability, VIP-bookings will be preferred

Waiting time and SMS service

If you purchase an online ticket, it may be that you experience some waiting time after your ticket purchase before you get access to the TV tower.
The guest capacity is limited for safety reasons. We have a webservice to show the current waiting time. In the entrance of the tower you will notice the same up to date information. We suggest for your convenience, that you use our mobile text service via SMS.